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    Time. Happiness. Inner Peace. Integrity. Love. Character. Manners. Health. Respect. Morals. Trust. Patience. Class. Common sense. Dignity 


 For the past 25 years, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Joe Palumbo has been hooked on bodybuilding and living a healthy lifestyle. Joe’s love of bodybuilding started at the ripe age of 11 after he moved to the U.S. and got his first glimpse of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Every chance he had, Joe worked odd jobs to make money to purchase bodybuilding magazines so he could become familiar with the great champions like Robby Robinson and Franco Columbo. At the age of 20, weighing only 150 pounds, Joe began training to become a bodybuilder.

In 1980, Joe joined a hard bodybuilding gym, Steve Michalek’s infamous Mr. America’s gym on Long Island, New York. Resembling more of a medieval torture chamber than a fitness center, this gym saw many pros pass through the doors in search of the ultimate hardcore atmosphere. Nothing short of all-out intensity was permitted within those walls. Then, in 1985, Joe left Mr. America’s gym for Bev Francis’ Gold’s Gym, currently known as PowerHouse. Five years later, Joe received his calling to be part of New York City’s finest.

With the right advice and exceptional training partners, Joe was able to train like a mad man. And in 2000, Joe, finally feeling ready for the Nationals, entered his first National show where he came in second place. At this time, Joe’s career in law enforcement was also going very well. By this time he had received six certificates for meritorious police duty, was awarded the prestigious Medal of Commendation for going beyond the call of duty, and voted Police Officer of the Year. Plus, Joe had the honor of joining the elite S.W.A.T team unit for the Police Department.
2001 was Joe’s year for bodybuilding. He competed and won first place and the overall Championship at the Masters National. He also received his pro status. Next, Joe wanted to tackle a professional bodybuilding show and place in the top ten.

In 2002, Joe achieved his new goal when he placed 9th in the Masters Olympia where he competed against the best bodybuilders in the world. After a string of injuries which kept Joe from training from 2004-2005, Joe competed again in 2006 at the Masters Pro World Bodybuilding show where he again placed 9th.

Since then Joe has continued competing and working with N.Y. cities finest and he has now joined the Infinite Labs® team. His plans for the future include gaining thickness and striving to get a 1st place finish.

Joe strongly believes in dedication, discipline and determination. He believes that if you want something bad enough it will happen. People have always told Joe “you can’t have it all.” His response, “I have a wonderful family, a successful career in law enforcement and a pro bodybuilding status. I have it all and I am still going for more.” Not only is Joe an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, he is also a certified trainer, advance sports nutrition specialist and a certified Navy Seal fitness instructor. Currently, when not competing, Joe works with the tactical S.W.A.T team unit in New York. · Awards   1st Place Titles:

-NPC New Jersey Gold’s Classic – 1st place heavy-weight winner
-NPC New York Amateur Grand Prix – 1st place light heavy-weight winner
-NPC Connecticut Gold’s Classic – 1st place heavy-weight winner
-NPC Mr. Long Island – 1st place light heavy-weight winner and overall champion
-NPC Mr. Tri-State – 1st place light heavy-weight winner and overall champion
-NPC New Jersey Suburban – 1st place light heavy-weight winner and overall champion

Competitive Placings:

-IFBB Europa Super Pro Show – 14th place
-IFBB Atlantic City Pro Show – 16th place
-IFBB Masters Pro World – 9th place
-IFBB Masters Olympia – 9th place
-IFBB Masters Olympia – 9th place
-NPC Jr. Nationals – 2nd place light heavy-weight champion
 -IFBB Europa Orlando Pro Show - 14th
-Numerous NPC Top 5 placing and Most Muscular Awards


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-Talent in Motion
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-Cover of Russian Magazine Iron World   

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 Dedication, Determination and Discipline, these are the tools that I have applied in every aspect of my life. I have taught myself that if you wanted something bad enough, you need to reach deep down inside and find that drive that keeps you going just like a hunger that never gets satisfied. With myself, bodybuilding was one of my goals, If you have a dream and a desire to make it happen then make it happen 

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