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  When it comes to weight gain FAT is not the evil devil we all were TAUGHT to believe. There is another evil ingredient that is contributing to obesity epidemic in a very real way  

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Stay on track with exercises you can do anywhere

 Here are ways to make a fast paced workout focused on improving balance,  core strength and endurance, using only the standard furnishings  available for when you travel.  Getting an intense workout without Gym  equipment is not as difficult as you may think.  http://www.infinitelabs.com/15193-2/

4 Stretches To Do Before Every Workout To Prevent Soreness And Injury

 Writing about fitness, you learn that stretching is one of the more  contentious and emotional issues among people who exercise. Those who  regularly stretch assume it will prevent soreness and injury, those who do not; claim that stretching is a waste of time. http://www.infinitelabs.com/4-stretches-every-workout/ 

The “HOW TO” Guide for 21-Inch Arms

 “Show some Muscle” you’re not going to pull up your pants and show off  your calves. It is the biceps that are usually requested. Nothing says  strength than a pair of muscular biceps, and for women, it says total  fitness.  http://www.infinitelabs.com/21-inch-arms/

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 Dedication, Determination and Discipline, these are the tools that I have applied in every aspect of my life. I have taught myself that if you wanted something bad enough, you need to reach deep down inside and find that drive that keeps you going just like a hunger that never gets satisfied. With myself, bodybuilding was one of my goals, If you have a dream and a desire to make it happen then make it happen 

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